Wrongful Evictions in California

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When you own investment properties in the Beverly Hills area, there is always the chance that you may have trouble with a tenant. Tenants may fail to pay rent or violate other terms of the lease agreement, all of which can cause problems for a landlord. When you decide to evict a tenant, you may want to do so as soon as possible, though there are restrictions set out by California law. The law requires landlords to follow certain procedures – such as giving proper notice to tenants and filing an unlawful detainer action in court – before a tenant can be evicted.

If a landlord takes other measures to evict a tenant, it can violate the law and the landlord may face liability. It is important to understand when an eviction may be wrongful to avoid unnecessary penalties.

Self-help Evictions

When a landlord decides to take action to force a tenant to move out, it is often considered to be a wrongful self-help eviction. Conduct that can constitute self-help eviction includes:

  • Cutting off utilities
  • Removing a front door
  • Changing the locks
  • Removing a tenant's possessions from the premises

If a landlord tries to force a tenant out without getting proper permission from the court, it can only create more problems for the landlord.

Evictions Based on Retaliation or Discrimination

The law also protects a tenant's right to fair housing without discrimination or retaliation. An eviction cannot be based on a tenant's race, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, gender, or other protected factors. In addition, a landlord cannot evict a tenant in retaliation for complaining of code violations, other safety issues, or necessary repairs, or for exercising any legal rights under the law or the lease agreement.

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