Business Buying and Selling

Helping Business Owners Acquire New Companies or Sell an Existing Company

The business landscape is constantly changing. Market trends and other factors can lead to the purchase or sale of companies, which can be lucrative transactions for everyone involved. Whether your company is seeking to acquire another company or you are ready to sell your business for the right price, you want to ensure that the transaction goes as planned with as little risk as possible.

There are many ways that buying or selling a business can go wrong and result in costly problems. To prevent unexpected losses, you should seek the guidance and representation of an experienced business purchase and sales lawyer. Find out how the Law Offices of Jon H. Freis can assist you today.

Assisting with Complex Transactions

Buying or selling a business is a complicated matter. The process begins with a letter of intent to buy the company, which should include the proposed terms of the purchase arrangement. These are not the final terms of the deal, however, as the parties can continue negotiating and adjusting the terms until the sale is final.

At the heart of the transaction will be the purchase and sales agreement, which must be carefully drafted and negotiated to meet the needs of the parties and address each aspect of the transaction. It is critical to have a business contracts attorney review this agreement and ensure it protects your rights as a purchaser or seller. Finally, a lawyer can assist with the due diligence process, final negotiations, and the closing of the deal.

Contact a Business Purchase and Sales Lawyer

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