Purchase-Sale Agreement

Helping Clients by Drafting, Reviewing, and Negotiating Real Estate Purchase-Sale Agreements

The cornerstone of every real estate transaction is a purchase-sale agreement. This is a legally binding contract that governs the entire deal, from pricing to warranties to closing. If a provision in a purchase agreement is inaccurate or unfavorable, it can result in complications, delays, financial losses, and the entire deal may even fall apart. To avoid unnecessary problems or risk in a real estate transaction, you should always have a purchase-sale agreement attorney handling all of your contracts.

The Law Offices of Jon H. Freis handles the drafting and review of real estate purchase agreements, as well as the negotiation of terms in your favor and dispute resolution. Contact the firm today to learn more.

Common Purchase-Sale Agreement Provisions

The terms of a purchase-sale agreement will vary depending on the circumstances of your specific deal. Some common terms in this contract include:

  • Details about the buyers and sellers
  • The legal description of the property
  • Pricing and financing information
  • Earnest money and escrow
  • Conditions of the sale
  • Representations and warranties
  • Dates of closing and possession of the property
  • Insurance
  • Dispute resolution guidelines
  • Options to terminate the agreement

You want to ensure that every term of your contract adequately protects your rights and prevents unnecessary liability if the transaction does not go as planned. You also want to have legal assistance in case a conflict arises regarding the contract you signed.

Contact an Experienced Purchase-Sale Agreement Lawyer

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