Business Litigation

Working to Effectively Resolve a Wide Range of Business Disputes

Companies rely on contracts and agreements with clients, employees, and other businesses to conduct successful operations. When a disagreement arises, your company may face liability or losses if it is not addressed properly. Failure to resolve a dispute can lead to litigation, which can cost you resources whether you are asserting or defending the legal claim.

In order to defend your position in your legal dispute and prevent financial losses, you want an experienced business litigation lawyer in representing your company in court. Contact the Law Offices of Jon H. Freis to discuss our litigation services right away.

Effectively Resolving Business Disputes

Many types of business disputes can lead to litigation, including the following:

  • Partner and owner disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Employee complaints
  • Professional negligence claims
  • General liability claims
  • Collections
  • Contract disputes

Disputes between owners can cause a company to implode if they cannot be resolved. Litigation often seeks to oust a disagreeable or problematic owner, and these cases should be handled professionally and carefully to preserve the future of the company.

When a dispute arises with customers or employees, it can affect the company's reputation among future prospective customers and employees. Whether a claim involves discrimination, injuries, or negligence, it is essential to handle these matters as diplomatically as possible to prevent long-term damage to the reputation of the business.

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The Law Offices of Jon H. Freis helps companies resolve many types of business disputes out of court whenever possible When alternative dispute resolution does not work, however, our business litigation attorney will not hesitate to zealously represent clients in court. The litigation process is complicated, so you need the right representation for your claim. Call 310-276-1218 or contact us online for more information.