Easement / Boundary Dispute

Working to Effectively Resolve Neighbor Disputes for Property Owners

Many people purchase real estate without fully understanding the information on the deed. Many properties come with established easements that run with the land, though owners and neighbors may try to dispute the easement. The legal descriptions of properties may also be confusing or ambiguous, and neighbors may put up fences or build structures based on misunderstood boundaries of a property.

If you have any type of dispute with a neighboring property owner, you should discuss the conflict with an easement and boundary dispute lawyer. The Law Offices of Jon H. Freis handles all types of real estate legal matters, including neighbor dispute resolution. Call today to learn how we can help.

Easement Disputes

Easements give others the right to use part of another party's land for a limited and specific purpose. For example, if two homes share a single driveway, an easement can give one property owner the right to use the driveway even though it is on the neighbor's land. There are different types of easements, including:

  • Express easements
  • Easements by necessity
  • Prescriptive easements

If a neighbor tries to deny you rights under an easement, or if a neighbor oversteps their easement rights, you should seek help resolving the matter immediately.

Boundary Disputes

Often, instead of referring to the exact measurements on a deed, neighbors build fences or make other improvements to their property based on estimated or assumed boundaries. When it comes time to have a property surveyed or appraised, an owner may realize that a neighbor's fence or shed is actually encroaching on their property. Often, boundary disputes can be resolved with negotiations between neighbors overseen by a skilled attorney. In other situations, legal action may be required.

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