Starting a Company? Consult with a Business Lawyer

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It is an exciting prospect to start your own company, and some people jump right in and start selling a service or product right away. While it is possible to begin your company as a sole proprietorship or partnership without any official paperwork or state filings, there are many other issues to consider to prevent any unnecessary expenses, liability, or problems with the law. It is important to consult with a business lawyer in Beverly Hills if you are planning to start a new company.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Business attorneys can assist new startups in many different ways, many of which can set a new venture up for success. Some issues that a business lawyer might address include the following:

  • Helping you select a name for your company that prevents any possible infringement issues
  • Advising you of the possible benefits and drawbacks of different types of business entities
  • Helping you file the documentation with the state when needed
  • Drafting and negotiating owner and operating agreements
  • Identifying any possible compliance issues with zoning, permits, hiring employees, health and safety, and more

All of the above can be critical yet complicated matters to address, and any errors can result in costly consequences down the road, which might even jeopardize your entire enterprise. It is worth it to ensure you have the right legal guidance for the numerous decisions you need to make.

Discuss Your Plans with a Business Lawyer in Beverly Hills

The success of your company largely depends on how meticulously you addressed each relevant matter when starting your venture. If you have plans to start new operations, contact Beverly Hills business attorney Jon H. Freis for assistance. Call 310.276.1218 or contact us online to schedule your consultation to learn more about the many ways our legal team can help.

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