Have a Lawyer Review Your Commercial Lease Agreement

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Many businesses require a specific type of space for their operations. Whether you own a restaurant, manufacturing company, an accounting firm, or any other enterprise, you know what you are looking for in a commercial space. Once you find the right one, you will need to sign a lease agreement with the property owner.

It is always important to have an experienced business and real estate lawyer in Beverly Hills review your commercial lease before you sign anything. Commercial landlords can often present leases that have incorrect or unfavorable terms, and signing the wrong contract can have many adverse effects on your operations, and it could even put your business in jeopardy.

Some common terms of a commercial lease include:

  • Description of the premises, which must be accurate
  • Use clauses, which should not prohibit you from using the property in a manner necessary for your business
  • Exclusive use clauses, which might give you important protections against competition from other lessees
  • Term and renewal clauses, which spell out your right to renew the lease and remain in the space
  • Costs, which include rent, deposits, common area maintenance (CAM) costs, and whether you will be responsible for tax increases
  • Your ability to make changes or alterations to the space to fit the needs of your operations
  • Other provisions addressing insurance, landlord and tenant rights, code compliance and maintenance, and more

Lease agreements can contain confusing and complex language, and it is easy to miss unfavorable terms.

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