Resolving a Breach of Contract Claim

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Both individuals and businesses enter into a wide variety of contracts on a regular basis. Whether you are purchasing a product, booking a service, selling tickets to an event, ordering supplies from vendors, signing a lease, or agreeing to certain terms of employment, you will likely be agreeing to a specific contract.

Contracts legally bind parties to adhere to the terms of the agreement, and they also provide procedures and specific types of relief available if one party breaches the contract. So, how do you go about seeking the relief you deserve after a breach?

Contact a Civil Litigation Attorney

Even though many parties associate attorneys with going to court, an attorney can help in many different ways after a breach of contract. First, a demand letter from a lawyer can often be quite persuasive in this situation. The demand letter will request that the party comply with the contract terms and, if they fail to do so, the letter can threaten to file a lawsuit. Having an attorney write this letter can demonstrate your willingness to take legal action, and it often results in the party taking care of the problem.

An attorney will review your contract and determine whether there are terms that mandate how you resolve disputes. In many situations, arbitration may be required instead of litigation. If this is the case, you want to have legal representation during the arbitration process. If there is no arbitration requirement, your lawyer can file a lawsuit on your behalf to seek damages, specific performance of the contract, or other types of relief.

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