Is it the Right Time to Sell Your Company?

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While some people dream of running their business until they retire and pass it on to their child or another trusted party, other owners may realize that it might be time to sell a company and move on with a different endeavor. If you sell your business, you want to ensure it is the right choice based on several factors, and an experienced business lawyer in Beverly Hills can help advise you whether the time is right in your situation.

The following are some factors to examine when deciding whether selling your company might be a good option:

  • Your health and/or age – Is it time to retire? Is it unrealistic that you will be able to continue running the operations?
  • Market and profitability – Is your business at a profitable state that will ensure you make money on your investment? Is there a good market for your business for the right price?
  • Operations and cash flow – Are your company financials in order? Have you taken steps to improve and maintain quality operations and positive cash flow to increase the value of the business?
  • Offers you cannot refuse – Has a larger company heard of your idea and fast growth and made an offer that you cannot pass up?

Some people sell a company because they no longer want to – or have the ability to – run it any longer. Others might have a startup and receive a lucrative offer from a large corporation that sees its potential. In any case, you should discuss your options with an experienced attorney.

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